In Mac OS 10.6 disk and file sizes are measured in base 10 (one kilobyte is defined as 1000 bytes, one megabyte is defined as 1000 kilobytes, etc.) in Finder and Disk Utility.  Unfortunately this has created a lot of inconsistency even when working with Apple’s own programs since most of them still define file sizes in binary units (one kilobyte is defined as 1024 bytes, one megabyte is defined as 1024 kilobytes, etc.).  This utility will switch the measurement of disk and file sizes in both Finder and Disk Utility back to binary units (or if the measurement has already been switched to binary units it will restore the system back to using base 10 units).

For Mac OS X Lion and later: switchDiskSizeBase v2.1

For Mac OS X Snow Leopard: switchDiskSizeBase build 11


29 thoughts on “switchDiskSizeBase

  1. Have you tried to run the switchDiskSizeBase utility in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion? Is it still working? Are you still supporting its development?

    • Currently switchDiskSizeBase does not work on OS X Mountain Lion. I’m working on a new version and it will probably be ready sometime this month (I’ve been working on completely changing how switchDiskSizeBase works which is why it is going to take a little longer than usual to update).

  2. I’m second the need for Apple to support switching but that’s a discussion for another time. Looking forward to a Mountain Lion version!

    • switchDiskSizeBase v2.0 already works on Mavericks, and other than the limited column width of the size column in the Mavericks Finder making the dual display option less useful I’m not aware of any significant issues.

  3. Would it be possible to provide an option to use the base 2 and normal unit names, like GB instead of GiB? Maybe i’m already too old, but to me kB, MB, GB always meant numbers in base 2, and these i-s are quite annoying to me :/

    • It also fails since the last Mavericks 10.9.5 update… 😦 with the same “Code signing test failed…”. Installing Xcode 5 doesn’t solve the issue for me in Mavericks 10.9.5.

  4. SwitchDiskSizeBase v2.0.1 works fine with the last Mavericks update 10.9.5 ! Many, many thanks for maintening this awesome app !

  5. After installing Command Line Tools and Xcode v6.0.1, SwitchDiskSizeBase v2.0.1 does NOT work on Yosemite GM (14A379a). Looking forward to a fix soon!

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